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What does QEP stand for?
Quality Enhancement Plan

What is a QEP?
The Quality Enhancement Plan is a component of the reaffirmation of accreditation process. Each institution that is reaffirming its accreditation is required to develop a five-year plan to improve student learning or the learning environment at the institution. The development of an institution’s QEP is to be a school-wide effort and have broad-based support of the stakeholders.

QEP Pilot Year Impact Report
2- Year QEP Impact Report
3- Year QEP Impact Report

How can QEP help me?
The MCC Computer Connection has facilitators available to help with any of your computer needs:

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Embedding links or Photographs   |   Computer Based Homework Assignments
Copying/Pasting   |   Canvas   |   E-Books   |   Much More!

The QEP Lab is located on the 2nd Floor Montgomery Hall
Monday-Thursday • 8am-4:30pm
Friday • 8am-3:30pm