Performance Indicators

Meridian Community College is a two year public institution of Higher Learning in the state of Mississippi, and as such, is funded  through an appropriation bill set forth by the Mississippi State Legislature.  Since the 1996 fiscal year, the appropriation bill each year has included performance targets for a set of performance measures reported annually by each college or university.  Although the outcomes were reported each year, the performance measures had no bearing on funding.  In 2012, the Mississippi State Legislature passed a bill to establish the Education Achievement Council (EAC), whose primary role was to research and develop a new funding mechanism for community colleges and institutions of higher learning based on productivity.  As a result of the work of the EAC, new non-financial performance indicators were established and incorporated into the annual appropriation bill.  Currently, a funding formula based on the new performance indicators has not been established but is expected to be established in future fiscal years.

In addition to the non-financial performance indicators embedded in the appropriation bill, Meridian Community College has established additional measures of performance to be submitted with the Mississippi Budget Request (MBR).  Both sets of indicators are included in the link below.

2013 Non-Financial Performance Indicators