College’s Community Resource Fair brings information to students

“I wish I could have had this when I was a student.”

That’s what Shaquita Hopson, Meridian Community College navigator, said about the Community Resource Fair hosted by MCC on Wednesday in Ivy Hall. Some 25 community agencies were available for students to network with representatives about the resources and opportunities available to them.

Many students leave college because of lack of funding, childcare, resources or transportation, Hopson said, and MCC’s College Resource Fair serves as a way to inform students of the opportunities that could help students stay in college and accomplish their academic goals.

MCC co-eds Iyonna Moss, Wilneisha Culpepper and Zybreum Horn were just a few of the students who made their way through Ivy mall gathering information from the vendors. Culpepper noted that though she sees some of the vendors’ buildings just driving by, she didn’t know of the services they offered until she came to the Resource Fair. “They showed us different things that they do,” she said.

NFusionX Crossover personnel Nichole Wray, family involvement specialist, and Samuel McGee, social marketing and cultural linguistic competency coordinator, noted this was the second year for the organization to appear at the Community Resource Fair. Many participants, Wray noted, are surprised by the services available.


Photo: NfusionX Crossover staffers Samuel McGee and Nichole Wray, share details about their organization to MCC freshmen Ivyonna Moss and Wilneisha Culpepper during the College’s Resource Fair held Wednesday in Ivy mall.

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