Adult Education

The Adult Education (AE) Program provides adults the opportunity to develop and build the basic skills necessary to function more effectively as members of society through improved educational skills, English language acquisition, high school equivalency completion, work-force readiness, and transitional skills for post-secondary education. To be competitive in today’s work environment, it is essential that individuals prepare themselves in a multitude of areas (math, reading, writing, communication, teamwork, computer skills, etc.).  In the AE Program, students will receive the instruction needed to establish a solid foundation in these skills and abilities.  Services are provided at no cost (with the exception of HSE Testing) to the students and are provided in a variety of formats that include group instruction, individualized instruction, and technology-aided instruction.  The AE Program is housed in the Ralph E. Young, Jr. Center for Adult Basic Education.
The Adult Education Program is funded by a federal grant that is overseen by the Mississippi Community College Board.

AE/HSE Classes

Individuals may enroll in free AE/HSE classes located in the Ralph E. Young, Jr. Center for Adult Basic Education. During enrollment, students take a diagnostic test to establish their strengths and weaknesses. Students are then assigned to a class based on their initial skill level and abilities. Classes emphasize the skills necessary to not only pass the HSE Test, but also adequately develop necessary employability skills. Classes are taught at several locations and are offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Students seventeen (17) years of age are eligible to attend and must provide an official drop/withdrawal form confirming that they are no longer enrolled in secondary school. For information about registration, contact the Adult Education office.

English as a Second LanguageEnglish as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL) at Meridian Community College is taught to prepare non-native English speakers to participate fully in our English speaking community, and prepare them for citizenship. ESL is provided by a federal grant, overseen by the Mississippi Community College Board, and offered through the Community and Business Development Division of MCC.

MCC provides ESL instruction free of charge for area residents. Contact the Adult Education office at 601-484-8796 or 601-484-8798 to enroll.


Literacy classes are available for adults who need to learn to read or need to improve their basic reading skills. We offer small group learning environments with students on the same educational skill level. Upon availability, students are placed with a volunteer tutor to work one-on-one. An assessment is given to determine the appropriate plan of instruction. These free classes are available in the morning and evening. For information about registration, please contact the Adult Education office at the Ralph E. Young, Jr. Center for Adult Basic Education.