Find Support: Lifting You Higher

Throughout your educational journey at MCC, you’ll find the support you need for success. In every aspect of your experience,  you’ll quickly see that you’re surrounded by faculty and staff who are eager to encourage you along toward your goals. On top of that, there’s a library packed with resources and a Student Success Center for customized assistance. And if you realize you could benefit from personal guidance along your path, advisors are here to guide you through to degree completion.

Student Success Center

Most of us need a little extra help every now and then. At the Student Success Center, just as the name promises, we’re committed to making you a more successful student.
One-on-one professional tutors are available to help maximize your understanding in math or English, and the Computer Connection center offers expanded resources for help with technology skills. Services are available by instructor referral or by student appointment.

L.O. Todd-Billy C. Beal Learning Resource Center

It’s time to re-imagine what a library can be. Yes there are books, and plenty of them. But then there’s so much more. A modern computer lab offers you a quiet work space. Textbooks and classroom resources are also available for checkout. And a full-service staff is ready to help you access the materials and information you need. When you can’t visit the library in person, online databases mean that you can access a world of information and study aids right from your laptop or your home or office computer.