Honor Band Performs

The MCC Lauderdale County Honor Band performed Saturday night in the MCC McCain Theater. It was a special homecoming for two successful band director clinicians.

West Lauderdale and MCC graduate clinician Lee Rigdon directed the 80 member MCC Lauderdale County High School Honor Band. Rigdon, who graduated with his Associate in Arts, was a member of the MCC Jazz and Community Bands. He earned his Bachelor of Music Education from USM and currently resides in Pensacola, Fl, where he teaches band at Ransom Middle School.

Clarkdale Attendance Center graduate clinician Derek Taylor directed the Middle School MCC Lauderdale County Honor Band with over 50 students. Mr. Taylor is a graduate of both MSU and USM and is currently teaching band at the Union County School District.

Auditions were held Thursday night, followed by six hours of rehearsal on Friday of pieces never played before. A Saturday night concert was a grand finale of the Honor Band Clinic, which with the outstanding direction of the clinicians combined with the skills of the students, produced a magnificent performance to a packed McCain Theater.

The MCC Lauderdale County Honor band included over 130 students from all Lauderdale County and Meridian Public Middle and High Schools.

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