MCC ceremony salutes excellence, completion

Asked why she wanted to get her high school equivalency certificate, Jacquette Ferrill said, “because of my kids.”

The 25-year-old mom from Meridian was one of 32 graduates who marched across the Meridian Community College McCain Theater stage on Friday as the College hosted its High School Equivalency Commencement. Ferrill earned her HSE in March and is currently studying nursing; she aspires to become a nurse practitioner.

Approximately 70 students received their certificates in 2018, said MCC adult education instructor Suzanne Dean. Three students, Joshua Bradley, McKenzie Caine and Daniel Davis, were recognized for their academic excellence in posting high scores on HiSET and GED tests. Bradley and Caine received bronze medallions; Davis garnered a silver medallion.

Another graduate, Cari Walker, was selected as the recipient of the Rising Eagle Scholarship, a full-tuition, four-semester scholarship at MCC. She is currently enrolled in MCC’s Business and Office Technology Program.

“Success in one facet of life breeds success in all facets of life,” said MCC President Dr. Thomas Huebner as he addressed the graduates during his keynote speech. He added, “I get a front row seat as I watch history being made in your lives and it’s pretty incredible. So, your decision to complete this degree is perfect and I hope you’re thinking about your next step.”

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