MCC’s new semester brings new opportunities

Sisters Octavia, 19, and Destiny Evans, 18, paused, stopping to look at a campus map as they navigated their way to class on Monday as the first day of Fall 2019 began at Meridian Community College.

The two are freshmen in the College’s Health Information Technology Program, and they were eager to start their studies. “Going to MCC was our first choice,” Destiny said.

The Evans sisters were among the many enrolled in the fall term making their way throughout the campus while the MCC faculty, staff and administers donned green shirts to stand out to students offering direction and help.

MCCers campus-wide agreed that it was a good start to a new term. "The beginning of a school year is always particularly exciting for those of us in education because it reinforces, for many, our personal calling,” said MCC President Dr. Thomas Huebner.

“Access to and success in higher education opens doors helps transform individuals, families and communities. We're proud we can play a significant role in creating opportunities for students to work hard and achieve their goals," he added.

Dr. Huebner noted, “I am grateful to work with a team of people who care so deeply about the possibilities afforded those who sit in our classrooms.”

The MCC president also encourages those considering pursuing opportunities in higher education – whether it is to gain the basics before transferring to a university or to earn a degree or certificate that will lead to the path straight to the workforce - to contact MCC.

He added, “We have a wonderful record of excellence and have been recognized by multiple entities as one of the top community colleges in the country. I think anyone would be impressed by the pathways to success available at MCC."


Photo: Sisters Octavia and Destiny Evans looks for their science classroom as they made their way on the first day of classes at MCC.

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