MCC’s Two-For-One Scholarship offered for Spring 2019 semester

Looking for ways to stretch your education dollar? Look to Meridian Community College.

For spring semester 2019, MCC will offer a Two-For-One scholarship to part-time students, who enroll in no more than 11 credit hours and who complete a single (tuition-free) 3 or 4 credit night or late-start afternoon class, selected from the scholarship list, along with any other three or four credit class for the semester.

Classes offered on the two-for-one contract include Principles of Accounting II, Ceramics I; Ceramics II; Principles of Biology II with lab; General Biology I with lab for majors; Nutrition; Anatomy and Physiology I with lab; Anatomy and Physiology II with lab; Microbiology with lab; Computer Concepts; Principles of Microeconomics; Human Growth and Development; Intermediate English with Lab; English Composition I; English Composition II; World Civilization II; First Aid and CPR; Beginning Algebra; Intermediate Algebra; College Algebra; Trigonometry; Business Calculus I, Statistics; Spanish I; Spanish II; Real Estate I; Real Estate II; New Testament Survey; World Religions; Physical Science II with Lab; American National Government; General Psychology; Real Estate Law; Introduction to Sociology I; Public Speaking; and Theater Appreciation.

MCC’s spring semester begins Monday, Jan. 7. Registration will resume Jan. 2, 2019. For more information about the two-for-one classes, contact MCC at 601.483.8241.

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