What is an Orientation Leader like?

  • Highly efficient communicator
  • New student focused
  • Ability to work effectively and relate with a diverse group of team members, students, staff, faculty, and administrators
  • Committed
  • Experienced at MCC

What does an Orientation Leader do?

  • Serve as the host and staff for orientations throughout the summer
  • Acquaint new students with student services information, campus environments, and facilities
  • Assist the Office of Recruiting

What makes you qualified to be an Orientation Leader?

  • Must be an experienced MCC student (full time student for one year, within 2 previous years)
  • Possess and maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA (non-rounded) at MCC
  • Commit to work ALL 5 Orientations in Summer 2020 (June 5, 19; July 10, 24 & August 4)
  • Complete online application

What does an Orientation Leader receive?

  • Scholarship
  • Experience