Permanent Collection opens at MCC’s Miller Art Gallery

Selections from the Permanent Collection is an annual exhibit curated by Meridian Community College Art Instructor John Marshall that highlights not only artwork from the MCC-Miller Art Gallery collection but also the generous people who donated the work. The collection is made up of bequests, donations, and purchases that focus on the importance of collecting and preserving art. 

In this show, many of the works were donated by art patrons/collectors, the artist themselves, and from the MCC Art Students League/club. Several pieces in this exhibit were given in 1993 by Meridian artist/collector Mildred Keen. Mildred was an incredible artist who painted everything from still life to portraits. This beautifully spirited woman had a great love for art and gave numerous pieces of art to our permanent collection. 

This exhibit will contain donations of wonderful patrons and artists like James Robert Smith, Homer Casteel, Terrell Taylor, and Dr. & Mrs. Taleff, all of Meridian, John Marshall of Collinsville, and Bruce Guraedy of Decatur. Artists included in the show that was purchased or donated include Johnnie Merle Jones, Clo Ann Rabb, Alan David, Walter Anderson, Kriss Mizelle, Lou O’Leary, April Gornik, Norma Bourdeaux, Homer Casteel, Joey Horne, Charles Crossley and many more. 

This show is truly a gem to see and experience. So much has been given to the MCC Art Department over the last several years that we now have a substantial collection of artwork to share back with the community, supporters of this college, and students. 

A huge thank you goes to all the patrons/donors of art to Meridian Community College in helping to create a meaningful and educational permanent collection. 

The exhibit will be on display starting January 16th through February 18th. Gallery hours are Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm. For more information, contact John Marshall at 601-484-8647 or by email




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