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Commercial Truck Driving

Division of Industrial Technology

Otis GowdyOtis Gowdy
Program Coordinator


MCC’s Commercial Truck Driving Program is an eight week program that prepares students to drive tractor trailers and other commercial vehicles. The program is a combination of classroom and actual road driving that includes Department of Transportation rules and regulations, safety, proper shifting, log books, preparation of paperwork, map reading, and handling of cargo. Students are able to utilize a state-of-the-art truck driving simulator that helps prepare them for the actual road driving experience.

Each student logs a minimum of 20 contact hours of driving time with various loads, road, and driving conditions.  Students are required to pass the DOT Commercial Driver Written Examination and obtain a Commercial Driver’s License.  Upon successful completion of the program, students earn a Certificate in Commercial Truck Driving.

After completing the initial eight weeks of training, students can enroll in the Commercial Truck Driving Internship.  Students in the Internship are under the supervision of a company trainer for up to eight weeks. Students who enroll in the Internship are eligible to apply for financial assistance.

Enrollment in the program is limited to four students per instructor.

Gainful Employment Disclosure - 16 hour program

Gainful Employment Disclosure - 8 hour program