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Emergency Management & Communications Technology

Division of Emergency Services

Patrick Warner
Program Coordinator


The Emergency Management and Communications Technology Program prepares students for current and advanced employment in emergency management and public safety communications. Graduates typically serve as an integral part of a community's emergency contingency plan by managing response operations, providing effective communication services, and preparing for future incidents.

This degree is designed for emergency management personnel, emergency service supervisors, emergency operations center staff, 911 system supervisors, emergency service telecommunicators, and other personnel with broad responsibility towards public safety. A more concentrated degree option is offered for students seeking to specialize in the area of Homeland Security. Program students can also obtain a technical certificate in emergency management by completing the core curriculum courses.

Emergency Management and Communications Technology (ECT) courses are offered through an open-learning program delivered via digital media. Students progress through the program by completing regular reading assignments and special research projects. Courses are developed using a concept known as Problem Based Learning (PBL). This method creates a learning environment through situations that require research, critical decision-making, information analysis, and problem-solving skills.

Most general education courses (English, math, Public Speaking) are available online through the Mississippi Virtual Community College. Students register for MSVCC courses through Meridian Community College or their local community college.