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Fire Protection Technology


Patrick Warner
Program Coordinator


The Fire Protection Technology Program allows students to pursue one of several separate study options. Entry-level students may earn a career certificate by completing the ten (10) core fire protection courses. A technical certificate can be achieved by completing 15 additional hours of approved fire protection elective courses. The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees include both specialized and non-specialized degree options. The specialist option allows students to concentrate their elective course work in the areas of fire service administration or community fire risk management.

Fire Protection Technology (FFT) courses are offered through an open-learning program delivered via digital media. Students progress through the program by completing regular reading assignments and special research projects. Courses are developed using a concept known as Problem Based Learning. This method creates a learning environment through situations that require research, critical decision-making, information analysis, and problem solving skills.

Fire Protection Technology – Career Certificate Program
Entry-level students may choose to earn their career certificate first. This program allows the student to concentrate on the (30 hour) core Fire Protection Technology curriculum. No additional general education courses are required for this certificate. All core FFT courses can be transferred into the Fire Protection Technology technical certificate program or the associate of applied science degree program.