Work-based learning is a significant feature of the student experience at Meridian Community College (MCC). An increasing number of students are learning through work, and MCC values learning which develops employability in our graduates. Work-based learning therefore has strategic significance for MCC. It contributes directly to the promotion of vocational, professional and creative higher education. Work experience and work-related learning also brings significant advantages to students and employers. Students develop the kinds of skills employers often need, which can be difficult to impart through more traditional learning delivery methods. Students benefit from putting skills into practice and gain new insights by applying theories to real situations in the workplace. Work-based learning exposes the student to the work culture, including etiquette, hierarchies, and other workplace practices. Commercial and business awareness is also better developed through work-based learning.

Work-based learning at MCC is defined as 'learning through work, which is assessed', including unpaid voluntary activity. The role that work-based learning plays in MCC programs ranges from understanding an aspect of the business world, to developing practical skills in medical clinics. For many of MCC's programs, the development of practical competence is crucial for professional practice.

Lori Smith
Work-based Learning Instructor
College and Career Planning Coordinator

Office hours
Monday - Thursday, 8am-4:30pm
Friday, 8am-3:30pm