1. Go to the MCC Website (www.meridiancc.edu) and click on the Eaglenet icon.
2. Log in with your username (located on your schedule worksheet) and password (formatted as mmddyy). If the new password needed screen appears after clicking the Login button, create a new password following the
instructions on the screen. After creating a new password, click Save Changes.
3. Look to the right of the screen for a tab “My Student Services” and click.
4. Click Registration.
5. Click on “Add and Drop Classes.”
6. Select Term and click submit
7. Click on the “Class Search” link at the bottom of the page (you may need to scroll the screen down). NOTE: Refer
to your SCHEDULE WORKSHEET for your spring schedule.
8. Select a course subject, i.e. ENG 1113 - English; SPT 1113 – Speech and Theater; MAT 1313 – Mathematics; BIO
1113/1111 – Biology. From the list of courses displayed, choose your class. NOTE: Select ALL Science courses
with labs first! *** FOR ALL SCIENCE COURSES – Choose the Science lecture, i.e. BIO 2513, BIO 1113 –
click ADD TO WORKSHEET. Click Class Search, choose your LAB, i.e. BIO 2511, BIO 1111 – click ADD TO
WORKSHEET. Once your lecture AND lab have been chosen, click Submit Changes. This should register you
for both the lecture and the lab.
9. Once you have chosen the correct class, you will see a list of all sections of that course. However, if a course
displays a “C” next to it, the course is NOT available for registration.
10. After determining your course section, check (√) the box to the left of the desired course.
11. After clicking the box next to the desired course, click REGISTER underneath the list of courses.
12. Repeat steps 7-12 until all courses listed on the SCHEDULE WORKSHEET have been added to your web
13. When all courses listed on the Schedule Worksheet have been added to your web schedule, click STUDENT
DETAIL SCHEDULE at the bottom of the registration screen.
14. Upon displaying all selections of your fall schedule of classes, click the PRINT icon.
15. Log off EagleNet and collect a copy of your schedule from the printer in the registration lab.