The Advising office at MCC is here to help you register for classes and guide you towards academic success. Please contact your academic advisor below:

If you are unsure about who your advisor would be, please email

Picture of Lori McClain

Lori McClain

University Transfer Advisor 601.481.1373

Picture of Deborah Nettles

Deborah Nettles

Workforce Education/ Retention Advisor (Industrial Division & Cosmetology) 601.553.3404

Picture of Ginger Crawford

Ginger Crawford

Evening Coordinator 601.484.8862

Picture of Ronnie Key

Ronnie Key

University Transfer Advisor 601.484.8837

Picture of Anna Hall

Anna Hall

Health Education Advisor 601.484.8629

Picture of Valerie Creel

Valerie Creel

Workforce Education Advisor (Business & EMS Division) 601.481.1351

Picture of Heather Cooksey

Heather Cooksey

Asso. Degree Nursing Advisor 601.481.1311