College Crossing Apartments

College Crossing

Includes 7-day, 19 meal plan, all utilities, and use of laundry facility
Please contact the MCC Housing Director at 601.484.8894 for cost and availability.

Housing is available for disabled students.
MCC does not provide family housing or housing for couples.
Residents: approximately 250

Dimensions One Bedroom: Bedroom – 15'2″x11'4″; Living Room – 17'x11'10”
Dimensions Two Bedroom: Front Bedroom – 11'6″x15'2″; Back Bedroom – 11'6″x15'2″ Living Room – 13'x11'10”

Apartments: Each apartment comes with two twin beds, two chests, and two closets in each bedroom. The common area has a dining room table with four chairs, a dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator. Each apartment includes a cable TV jack, and phone jack. Cable and phone services are available through Comcast and AT&T, respectively.

Note: It is advised that students wait until the third week of the semester to make arrangements for phone, cable, or internet service, due to possible room changes or consolidation.

Eligibility You must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours and remain at, or above this minimum the entire semester.

Extras: College Crossing has its own parking lot, laundry room, mailboxes, and soda machine.

Housing Cable/Internet: Cable Services through MCC are provided by Comcast Xfinity. The cost of the service is covered in the cost of housing . Internet services are covered through the campus provider. These services are provided in all housing units. Students are also allowed to get Internet services from Comcast Xfinity or AT&T at their own cost. Costs are subject to change without notice.