Plan an individual visit and let us show you first hand all that MCC has to offer prospective students. Campus visits include a tour of campus with an Ivy League Student Recruiter or College Recruiter and a meeting with an admissions counselor to discuss admissions and other aspects of being a MCC student. Individual appointments with a financial aid representative are available. If you are interested in meeting with an academic advisor based on your major, just let us know when you schedule the visit.

We can also schedule tours for high school and community college groups. Please call Recruiting at 601.481.1340 or email to arrange the details of your visit. Please contact us to see what dates are available on our calendar. We will do our best to accommodate your groups, but please keep in mind activities may be limited for larger groups. We will do our best to show your students a great MCC experience!

You can also schedule your campus visit as either an individual appointment or as part of a group appointment. If you are interested in an individual appointment, please have several dates and times in mind that would work for you.

Brandon Dewease
Director of Student Recruiting





Desi Ross Desi Ross
Student Recruiter





Ashley Tansley

Ashley Tanksley
Student Recruiter