Sharing passion for art: Nicholson-Taylor is MCC Humanities Teacher for 2020

Encouraging the audience to use the pencil and paper at their tables, Terrell Nicholson-Taylor shared her passion for art and teaching during Meridian Community College’s Arts and Humanities Celebration by showing and doing.

Nicholson-Taylor, an art instructor at MCC, is the College’s 2020 Humanities Teacher of the Year. As a part of that honor, she presented, “Give Me STEAM: Art Education as Extraordinary Experience,” during a session held in the College’s Casteel Gallery.

Mississippi Humanities Council sponsors the Humanities Teacher Awards to recognize the contribution of humanities faculty at each of the state’s colleges and universities. As a part of the award, honorees present a lecture.

Wanting to give the audience a taste of what she offers to students, Nicholson-Taylor led audience members do a couple of exercises with the pencil and paper, one in which participants drew their hands – without looking at the paper. “All people have a part of them to be creative,” she said.

Nicholson-Taylor shared, “Find your passion, and you will find your world.”

The art instructor will join others in Jackson on March 27 when the Mississippi Humanities Council hosts a reception for the 30 recipients of the 2020 Humanities Teacher Award.

photo 1: Audience members including Laura Reinstatler and Lucy Moulds, draw their hands without looking at their papers during an exercise at the Humanities Teacher of the Year Program.

photo 2: Terrell Nicholson-Taylor shares with audience fresco techniques. Nicholson-Taylor, an art instructor at Meridian Community College, is the College’s 2020 Humanities Teacher of the Year.

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