Teeth talk

Dental Hygiene students share the news of good oral health

Each February, the National Children's Dental Health Month is spotlighted with the goal to raise awareness about the importance of oral health.

And, each February, MCC’s Dental Hygiene Program students visit local city and county schools sharing the importance of good oral hygiene to youths. One group of four Dental Hygiene students, Rosalba Melchor, Kaylee Jernigan, Corbin Weddle and Myia Young addressed youngsters at West Hills Elementary School.

Both first and second-year MCC Dental Hygiene Program students gave oral health presentations that ranged from showing a video to demonstrating ideal brushing and flossing techniques to encourage good oral hygiene to ask and answering questions about teeth.

The target audience is first graders, said Karen McPherson, Dental Hygiene instructor, because at this age they are beginning to lose their baby teeth, and starting to get their permanent teeth.

She added, “Our students teach the importance of proper brushing, good eating habits, and the benefit of routine dental hygiene visits in hopes of preventing future dental disease.”

Young, a second-year student, said, “We really want to educate them at an early age so they’ll know what to do later.”

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